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Share Mail with Team

Got an interesting email in your inbox? Blix new workflow enables you to simply share an email with your workgroup, so that all members of the team can view and comment on it in real-time.

Team Mail

For bringing people together, Team Mail enables you to send emails to a team without adding each member individually. You can then start chatting with the same team, to follow on. You can share messages, photos, and videos with up to 256 people at once.

One Messaging App

Streamline your organizational messaging, with a single tap away to switch between your email and chat, interacting via teams and direct messages in real-time.

blix Desktop email Windows


Keep in touch with the teams of people that matter the most, like your family or coworkers. You can also name your group, mute or customize notifications, and more.

IQ Bridge

The Blix IQ Bridge allows your team to communicate with any person directly from your chat groups. Each group is designated with a unique Team Mailbox Address, and when a message is received you can then exchange comments internally with your teammates before replying to the sender by email!

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