When Email meets Chat

Unleash your team’s full messaging potential for existing and new BlueMail users
desktop and mobile
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Modernizing any email

The Blix platform was designed to integrate best-of-breed email, chat, calendar, contacts, tasks, and productivity features so every user and organization can find their own workflow balance
Blix makes managing your team’s collaboration easy, simple, and affordable by organizing it all in one app

Work your way

Give your team the ability to manage their projects in the way they work best and easily switch between views for ultimate flexibility.
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IQ Bridge

The Blix IQ Bridge allows your team to communicate with any person directly to your chat groups. Each group can be allocated with a different Team Mailbox Address and different members. Users who send an email can either be part of your team or outside of it. Anyone can simply send an email to a chat group, where you can then exchange comments internally with your teammates before replying to the sender by email.

Features you’ll love

Welcome to the future of team communication. Blix stands for email messaging on any device combined with great chat features that you can’t find in your default email or chat app.

Unified Messaging

Streamline your organizational messaging with a single tap away to switch between your emails and chats. Interact via teams and direct messages in real-time


Blix takes the best of Blue Mail, our world class email service used by millions of people worldwide. Add one or more of your Office365, Exchange, Google, IMAP or POP3 or any other mail account

IQ Mail

A hybrid of modern messaging with email is a real-time end-to-end secured email for teams enabling context-based conversations that are intuitive to anyone using chat today

Later Board

Manage your own inbox with the Later Board, turning emails into actionable tasks. Push emails to either Today, Later, or Done, add personal notes, prioritize actions, and get your work done quickly and efficiently

Share Email

Blix’s new workflow enables you to simply share an email with your workgroup, so that all members of the team can view and comment on it in real-time

Integrated Calendar

Access your Calendar and plan events right from within Blix. Customize exactly how and when you receive your Calendar reminders

Sync between all your devices

Setup is an effortless breeze and by simply signing into your email accounts, your inbox will be ready and waiting for you